We Are Pafco


Established over two decades ago in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District, Pafco  Jewelry began as a one man operation providing high-end casting to jewelry designers in the greater Tri-State area. We soon added a jeweler and mold maker to the team, thereby offering a our clients with a more comprehensive final product. With steady customer satisfaction and strong word of mouth business, Pafco gradually hired more and more of the jewelry business’s finest and outgrew several locations until we settled in at 36 West 47 Street.


Today Pafco has dozens of employees and affiliates that have aided the growth of our business to accommodate international orders for both designers and private individuals alike. From sketch to finished product, we handle all aspects of the jewelry making process with an attention to detail and a timeliness rarely seen. Besides high quality work, one of the most important aspects of our business is that we are local, homegrown, and everything we do is done in-house, which means that our client’s proprietary designs are safe with us.


With every passing year, technology continues to grow the capabilities of business. It has been, and always will be, the goal of Pafco to utilize those technologies to their fullest potential in creating the most precise pieces of jewelry possible. In addition to increasing quality, we believe that  a commitment to customer service is the best way to client satisfaction and so we continually strive towards a better customer experience. Days end, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without our loyal customers, and to you we offer a heartfelt “thank you.”

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